Where are your products made?

They are handcrafted in Portugal.

Where is L+E based?

New York City.

Are these boots for men or women?

They are gender fluid with intention. However, we specify sizing for both men and women to take into account the unique physical differences between their feet.

What is a Norwegian Welt?

Norwegian welt is a way of crafting footwear requiring over 200 handmade operations. It embodies durability, style, water resistance and the ability to be resoled again-and-again, providing your boots with the utmost durability.

What is the vegan option?

We are currently experimenting with leather alternatives that will continue to provide the same quality for which we are known.

How do they hold up against water?

The process through which our materials and boots were crafted naturally provides some water resistance for the most comfortable experience in nearly any environment.

How long do they take to break in?

For someone accustomed to wearing boots they will feel extremely comfortable right from the start.  For everyone else it may take several wears before the leather's natural ability to form to their foot becomes apparent.

Where and when can I wear them?

Our boots are designed to flow seamlessly through both urban and outdoor environments.

What kind of socks should I wear with them?

We recommend merino socks for their strength, comfort, and temperature regulating capabilities. 

Can I stock my store with these boots?

Possibly, shoot us an email.

Can we collaborate in some way? 

Possibly, shoot us an email.

Are you guys hiring?

Possibly, shoot us an email.